Posting abroad and repatriation

From the UK to abroad

Posting an employee abroad is an investment for the company – and can be a challenge for the employee.

Based on many years’ experience from abroad, combined with broad professional knowledge of the field, I advise all involved parties regarding postings abroad and repatriation. With my assistance and advice throughout the process, we ensure that it becomes a good investment for the company and a positive and good experience for the employee and his/her family.

This service include:

  • Interviews with the parties involved
  • Preparation and presentation of solution proposal
  • Written material for the involved parties to use

For example, my advice includes the following important aspects in regard to a posting abroad:

  • What does it mean for the company?
  • What does it mean for the employee – if relevant – his or her family?
  • What is the reason, the motivation and objective of the posting abroad?
  • How is the right employee selected for a posting abroad?
  • Motivation for the family.
  • The importance of the contractual relationship.
  • What does it mean to live and work in another culture?
  • Where are the pitfalls?
  • What does it mean to come home after a period abroad? For the company, the employee but also for the family.
  • How can the whole process result in a success story for both parties?

Posting abroad and repatriation (from abroad to the UK of foreign employees, e.g. from a foreign parent company) in your UK company

A posting abroad, for example originating from a foreign parent company and going to a subsidiary in the UK, is an investment for the company – and for the employee.

I advise and guide the company abroad and in the UK, just as I advise the employee – and also his or her family, if relevant – about the most important aspects of a posting to the UK. See above under ‘Posting abroad and repatriation’.

Other services

  • Get a HR subscription (only valid for Denmark) – particularly for those of you who have ongoing needs for HR consulting. We can enter into an exclusive cooperation agreement and you will have a permanent attached HR Partner who you can always contact for sparring within relevant HR fields (with the exception of legal advice).
  • Presentations/lectures on postings abroad and repatriation, mobility, cultural differences, diversity …
  • Workshops.

Please feel free to contact me – I will be happy to draw up an offer or discuss a task with you.