Interim HR

HR Interim Manager 

Only valid for Denmark

If you need HR competencies to perform specific HR tasks over a shorter or longer period, such as:

  • HR Policy
  • HR Processes
  • HR KPIs
  • Skills development
  • Employee Development Interviews
  • Discontinuation and outplacement


Then contact me for a more detailed discussion of your specific needs.

Other services

  • Get a HR subscription (only valid for Denmark) – particularly for those of you who have ongoing needs for HR consulting. We can enter into an exclusive cooperation agreement and you will have a permanent attached HR Partner who you can always contact for sparring within relevant HR fields (with the exception of legal advice).
  • Presentations/lectures on postings abroad and repatriation, mobility, cultural differences, diversity …
  • Workshops.

Please feel free to contact me – I will be happy to draw up an offer or discuss a task with you.