Development and/or restructuring of your company

Development and/or restructuring of your company

Before you are to develop and/or restructure your company in the UK or abroad, contact me.

A development and/or restructuring project has many consequences. For example, I can help you to

focus on areas such as:

  • Planning, road map and implementation of the project
  • Communication
  • The importance of the individual employee categories, including the senior management group
  • More jobs, fewer jobs, new skill requirements?
  • Training, continuing education – action plans for the individual employee
  • Competency and career development, both locally and abroad.

This service include:

  • Project plan and road map
  • Communication plan
  • Overview of possible consequences for the individual employee groups
  • Action plans for the individual employee.

Please feel free to contact me – I will be happy to draw up an offer or discuss a task with you.