About me

Who am I?

I am a freelance HR consultant and I offer professional advice to senior management, HR, managers and employees by using the expertise I have gained through many years of experience and knowledge of the HR field.

I work closely together with an Advisory Board consisting of HR experts in both Denmark and abroad.

I help you to perform specific HR tasks and/or provide advice within my areas of expertise.

The starting point for my services will always be YOUR COMPANY and YOUR NEEDS when you need professional HR CONSULTANCY SUPPORT here and now.

I have many years’ solid, varied and broad international business experience – in Denmark as well as abroad. I provide professionalism, co-operation at all levels, quality awareness, solution-oriented work, flexibility as the ability to make decisions. On this basis, I can handle a broad spectrum of tasks within HR.

I speak and write Danish, German, French and English at all levels.

Having been a HR manager for many years in an international company, I have gained in-depth knowledge of all tasks within HR. However, I have unique and special knowledge and strengths when it comes to the posting abroad and the repatriation of, for example, Scandinavians, French people, German people, British people to many different countries.



Having respect for my customers, for the individual and for the challenge in a given task is the foundation of my work.  Trust and honesty are a part of this fundamental respect.



I focus on my work being performed based on the awareness of ensuring a high quality in the solving of the task itself, but also in my co-operation with you.



I work professionally, objectively and with dedication in every respect and high customer satisfaction is the goal for any task.

This is why you should choose to work with me:

I have the necessary competencies

  • I have many years’ experience in HR, both in Denmark and abroad. I have been engaged in all forms of HR tasks in many countries, I know about the tough requirements for results on the bottom line and, not least, the important soft values that form the basis for a good and sound HR policy where employee satisfaction plays a major role.

I know that the HR function is just as important as, for example, the sales department

  • There is a need for an HR policy and a good company culture in small, medium-sized and large companies. I believe that the solution must be found, for example, in professional and impartial dealings with the employees at all levels and from working with HR themes in general.

I have an Advisory Board / Expert Panel

  • My goal is to be able to create win-win solutions for my customers and partners. Together with my expert panel, I can cover the majority of all HR tasks and, between us, we have a very broad range of HR competencies.

Please feel free to contact me – I will be happy to draw up an offer or discuss a task with you.